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Name: TJ Creed / Nocturne
Species: Olia
Canon: Exiles

Age: 20
Physical Sex: Female

Affinity: Water

Affinity Level: Master

History: TJ was born exactly five months after the Solution, to a pair of Olia who established as Space and Nature, respectively. She doesn't remember them, at all, due to having been kidnapped by the madman Marluxia at the age of three months. Incidentally that caused her parents to break up. Having no idea who they were, however, it's not exactly something that she could care about really.

The next five years were hell. The rogue Nature Adept wanted to see what he could do with the powers he had been granted. If there was anything in his plans beyond that, TJ never knew. He changed her, and the other little children that he had, in ways that he never bothered to explain. Some of them, most of them, were obvious.

TJ pretends that she can't remember any more than Clarice can, but it's not true. She remembers pain. She remembers the feeling of bones shifting and melting together, of skin merging, of fur growing so rapidly that it felt like her skin was trying to explode off of her. She vaguely remembers what it was like to have five fingers, or toes that didn't grip things, but she tries not to think about it too much.

During her time in Marluxia's "care", she formed a close relationship with one of the other girls in her age-range: Clarice. The other little girl underwent a different set of tortures, and ended up different than TJ, but the girls became close anyway.

It was this closeness that served them best when a group of people including Victor Creed, Nature Aligned, found the place where Marluxia had hidden...and decided that should not be allowed. In the chaos of the breakout nearly all of the people who had been warped and twisted were killed by those who had come to rescue them, not realising that the minds of those with sometimes monster-like bodies were still sane.

The only survivors were TJ and Clarice, snatched up by Victor and carried away for reasons known only to himself. It was, without question, the best thing which ever happened to TJ. Victor chose to keep the girls as his own, raising them and being his intractable self when it came to their self-images and esteem.

He took them to every Water and Nature adept that he could find, even to the extent of formally joining the Organisation for first access at newly found ones. One of the perks of this was that he and his girls encountered Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, and while even he was unable to reverse the damage done to TJ and Clarice he became an uncle-figure to both of them.

While the girls were young Victor was invited to join the caravan of Xaldin's mother's people. This group accepted them with only a little bit of hesitation, which faded to loving acceptance when they and their leader's youngest daughter became close. To this day, TJ looks forwards to visiting Larxene's cities in order to drag her out for a day of just being a girl.

TJ's first sexual encounter was with one of the boys from the caravan, a party was thrown when the child was determined to be viable and un-mutated by the caravan's Water adept. She had her child at the same time Clarice had her first child. Both their love and their lack of naming inspiration showed through: Victor Wade and Wade Victor were added into the caravan with joy.

After the first child each the two girls struck out on their own, doing a variety of odd jobs suited for a pairing of Space and Water, while trying to deal with the prejudices of people who assume that they're Chaos Twisted.

TJ adores her "father", her "sister", and her "uncle" with a fierceness that she rarely shows. Without the three of them, their unquestioning acceptance of her, and their own physical differences, she knows that she wouldn't be as sane as she is.


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